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Twitter launches new feature, “Moments”

Twitter is about to launch a new feature called moments. This feature will highlight trends and the most talked about stories in a new section in the app.
“It is a magazine-like view of Twitter that works even if you’ve never followed a single person,” said Casey Newtown.
He also noted that this is will be a presentation of Twitter’s probably best and final hope of attracting a large new crowd of casual users who just want to enjoy the service without having to figure out its unique quirks and lingo.
The new feature arrives at a critical time for Twitter, as the company’s stock price plummets. Perhaps the cause of the drop in stock price is as a result of the uncertainty about its leadership and failure of multiple attempts to increase its users perhaps maybe the cause for the drop in stock price.
Amidst its on-going challenges, Twitter not too long ago announced its co-founder Jack Dorsey would return to be the company’s Chief Executive Officer.
Source: Casey Newton (The Verge)
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