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Apple’s latest iphone 6s has received much impressive praise over its new 3D touch technology amidst other stunning features such as taking photos in 4K and having an A9 processor.

The 3D touch is the next generation of multi-touch technology that allows the user to apply some amount of force with the thumb on the touch screen to reveal a “peek and pop” effect as described by John Gruber on his Daring Fireball blog. For instance, pressing down with a little bit of pressure in the email inbox, previews the contents of that email before actually opening it.

The other stunning effect of the 3D touch is access to a menu pop-up on any app when again some amount of pressure is applied to the touch screen. The menu pop-up actions are directly linked to what the app can do. For instance, the 3D touch opens an action menu pop-up: showing reading list, bookmarks, new private tab and new tab when a user holds down safari app.

Finally, the 3D touch feature comes with a “force-control” option. The amount of force you apply with your thumb to the touch screen can be altered from light, medium and firm. The light option applies little force to the touch screen for the 3D feature to be activated. The medium option applies more pressure to the touch screen for the 3D feature to be activated. Firm is the last “force-control” option and this activates the 3D feature when a lot of pressure is applied to the touch screen. The three options are left to the user’s discretion and can be toggled between at any time without any special skills.

“Microsoft and Google have both incorporated similar features in their mobile platforms, but 3D Touch is by far the most aggressive and interesting step in this direction anyone has ever taken,” says John Gruber.

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