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Hi, have you met…Kwaku Zee

“I have filmed over 50 weddings since I began few years ago,” said Kwaku Zee.
I remember my first official wedding shoot years ago as though it was yesterday. The client was displeased with my first official video. He rejected it.That followed a few other rejections too. As disappointing as it got, I never gave up. I saw an opportunity to learn and be more competent in every one of my rejections. I am more skilled and trained now. I have had wedding video shoot contracts both locally and foreign. I still receive them from across the globe. Here I am, in Africa capturing the most memorable day in the lives of many newly wedded couples; one memory to another. “It feels like a ripple effect!” David Adu Appeigyei (C.E.O of ripple effect)
Ripple effect is a video production company with excellent customer service. The company is well known for its return on investment. Their service packages are well affordable as it aligns with their mission to produce world-class video while maintaining budgets at a reasonable level. This makes Ripple Effect a perfect choice to capture those moments and events that are dear to you. Ripple effect produces a wide array of creative video products including Weddings, documentaries, corporate videos, television commercials etc.
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